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We are happy to announce the release of the 2011 version of our famous 3D mobile football game Tournament Arena Soccer. The wide-angle camera and the high playability will make you feel like being on the ...
2. We released E-5 Underground 3D
(Corporate/Mobilenter News)
We are happy to announce the launch of "E-5 Underground 3D", our new 3D mobile racing game. The best drivers from all over the world are meeting in the street! All racers will compete fiercely to win the ...
We are happy to announce the launch of 2 new games, Slide Puzzle KIDS and Slide Puzzle TROPIC. We have taken favourite characters of child's world and beautiful tropical island pictures, and put them into ...
4. We released Tournament Arena Soccer 3D 2010
(Corporate/Mobilenter News)
We are happy to announce the release of our new 3d mobile game: Tournament Arena Soccer 3D - South Africa Competition. TASO 3D brings the camera view and gameplay pleasure of console games into mobiles. ...
5. We released our new game, Mobile Tarot II
(Corporate/Mobilenter News)
We are happy to announce the launch of the a new game, Mobile Tarot II. Mobile Tarot II is an enhanced version of our Tarot game with enhanced graphics, animations and bigger card images. You can read ...
6. Assault Team 3D NAJAF Coming Soon!
(Corporate/Mobilenter News)
Assault Team 3D NAJAF, a new version of our famous mobile FPS urban war game Assault Team 3D is coming soon! Stay tuned!         Please register yourself in to get the free version ...
7. Troy Quest, our new mobile game is released
(Corporate/Mobilenter News)
We are happy to announce you the launch of our new mobile game, Troy Quest. Troy Quest is a match3 game, based on the story of the famous ancient city Troy. You can read more and see game screenshots at ...
8. We launched our new game: Captain Fatal 3D
(Corporate/Mobilenter News)
We are happy to announce you that we launched our new game, Captain Fatal 3D. Captain Fatal is the chief of the operation unit of special forces. He have to take over the base of an international weapon ...
9. Get Your Groove On with Sexy Clubbers
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... so it may be a bit of a challenge just like you experience in a night club.  Sexy Clubbers seems to be compatible with just about every newer brand of mobile phones meaning you could guarantee play it ...
10. We launched our new game: Masterman 3D
(Corporate/Mobilenter News)
We are happy to announce that we released Masterman 3D, our new mobile game. As Masterman our hero, you have to enter to Branklin Laboratories and you have to destroy all robot guards. Thanks to our unique ...
11. Assault Team 3D Released
(Corporate/Mobilenter News)
We launched today, our new game Assault Team 3D. The battle days of Iraq war came back. American occupation reached Baghdad, the capital city of Iraq. Military troops are fighting in the quarters of the ...

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