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Tournament Arena Soccer 3D

Next generation football game takes the field for the next match!

Assault Team 3D NAJAF

Al Najaf is like hell, with bullets flying through the air...

Extra Spatials 3D

They came from somewhere out of space to change the destiny...

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Mobile Entertainment Studios is one of the world's biggest mobile game publishers.


The mobile industry is growing fast. Today, global mobile game competition reaches USD 5 billions. Mobile content owners launches everyday exciting mobile products.


Mobile Entertainment Studios is working specially on mobile game publishing area. The company is a sub-division of CeptekiDunya Mobile Software Co., a famous Turkish mobile game development house. We are targeting to produce high quality unique IP mobile games. We have partnerships with operators, distributors and mobile content portals all around the world. Some of our games are best-sellers in their area.


We apply all well-known acceptance tests to our products under zero-tolerance restriction. We provide an efficient 24/7 support to our partners via email and phone.


If you want to enquiry about business opportunities with us, please do not hesitate to contact us via our Contact Us section. 


Best Regards,

R.Noyan Culum



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Tournament Arena Soccer 3D 2011

Next generation football game takes the field for the next match with its new 2011 version!

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E-5 Underground 3D 

Are you ready for a crazy 3D race in the streets?