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ou are in a popular night club; you are drinking and having a good time. You are listening to nice ambient music; and the best of all, there are beautiful girls everywhere! If you can catch them, they will kiss you! 





This game is developed by CeptekiDunya Mobile Software Co. and published by Mobile Entertainment Studios. Please contact Mrs. Louise Goddard for all worldwide business opportunities including distribution, from the 'Contact Us -> UK Office' section of this website. Partnership inquiries are always welcome.



You are in a popular night club; you are drinking and having a good time. You are listening to nice ambient music; and the best of all, there are beautiful girls everywhere! If you can catch them, they will kiss you; this is the time of your life! But, you have to be careful about the security of the club or else you could find yourself ejected.

Sexy Clubbers is a very, funny game with an animated 3D background; integrated ambient music, brilliant night club decor and beautiful game characters. There are infinite levels and the game is highly playable. You can record your scores in the built-in score table, for a competition against your friends; you can also upload and download high scores to the internet, to enter into a global contest.

Sexy Clubbers is surely the funniest game of the mobile gaming world. Brought to you by the Mobile Entertainment Studios.




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Hall of Fame

Here are the top 100 scorers of Sexy Clubbers! 

1JEWEL0079999 26AAAABCAA7200 51SEKORALV5740 76SORIFUL75600
2SORIFUL79999 27ALGEWERA6980 52JUN69SEX5735 77MOHNIAQ15600
4R0SYIDUN9999 29ANANDAZA6325 54NIKKIAAA5725 79CR0NALD05590
8ARIESDAA9999 33AJBBBCBB6135 5896AAAAB95670 83AJIXAAAA5560
11O1REPITO9989 36MADALIN06045 61LAKMN1235665 86CR0NALD05545
15AAAABCAA8745 40SMOOTHDA5975 65NANIEAAA5650 905540
16DHINIE578650 411Y1Y1Y1Y5960 66DRAGANSA5650 91AJIXAAAA5525
17AAAABCAA8555 42FHI3ANIE5905 67EBAA9AAA5640 925520
18JEWEL0078085 43AJBBBCBB5850 6895AA8AAA5640 93APITWANI5510
19CENGOH457870 44ALGEWERA5840 6985AA8AGA5640 945510
21KARABELA7500 46SMOOTHDA5785 71JEWEL0075630 96NANIEAAA5505
22SORIFUL77440 475755 72AJBBBCBB5620 97MOHNIAQ15500
24JEWEL0077300 49FHI3ANIE5755 74DHINIE575615 99ALEKSAND5490


Online Demo

Coming Soon!


This service is totally free.


Java Runtime Environment must be installed on your pc. Please deactivate your download manager before starting to download our online game. 


You can download the free version of Sexy Clubbers from Getjar!

Click here to visit the download page.




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