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Tournament Arena Soccer 3D

Next generation football game takes the field for the next match!

Assault Team 3D NAJAF

Al Najaf is like hell, with bullets flying through the air...

Extra Spatials 3D

They came from somewhere out of space to change the destiny...

Mobile Games

Mobile games, java games, 3d games and free downloads by Mobile Entertainment Studios
Mobile Games by Mobilenter

Mobile Entertainment Studios is a leading company in the mobile game development industry; with its high quality, unique, IP mobile games. Mobilenter publishes and delivers games for its partners all around the world; the priority is to provide high quality mobile software. Mobile Entertainment Studios also applies all well known acceptance tests to its products, under non-tolerance restriction and, supplies effective support to its commercial partners. Mobilenter is a division of the CeptekiDunya Mobile Software Co.

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Mobile Entertainment Studios is partnering with many global operators, distributors and portals. We are providing full game distribution packages of our mobile games; including software files, game descriptions, technical specifications, game screenshots and device compatibility lists to our partners. We also supply 24/7 partner support via email and phone. All of our mobile games are high quality java games; we do regularly update our games to meet world standards of mobile games.

Distributors of Mobile Games
If you want to distribute or sell our mobile games via your own channels, you can contact us from our Contact section. We are always looking for new partnerships and new business inquiries are always welcome. Additionally, if you want to receive our newsletter when we launch new games, you can create a user account from the top login form.
Developers of Mobile Games

We are always looking for new mobile games to publish. If you are a mobile game developer and you want to concentrate on the development of a game, we can publish your mobile games for you. We already have partnerships with many mobile game distributors, who deliver the mobile games globally. Do not hesitate to contact us about your new mobile games if you want to sell them on our worldwide game network.

Please note that, we are especially interested in new 3D mobile games.


Our Latest Mobile Games

Tournament Arena Soccer 3D 2011

Next generation football game takes the field for the next match with its new 2011 version!

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E-5 Underground 3D 

Are you ready for a crazy 3D race in the streets?

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Short History of Mobile Games

The invention of mobile phones is credited to Motorola employee Dr Martin Cooper, who made the first ever call to Joel Engel, the research head of rival company AT&T, in New York back in 1973. Dr. Cooper made this phone call amidst the presence of print and electronic media to test the first DynaTAC prototype.

Japan was the first country to witness the launch of a commercial cellular network in 1978. The first version of mobile phones belonged to the 1G (First Generation) technology and was based on analogue signals wherein they were only used to make and receive calls. The nineties witnessed a major technological augmentation thanks to the launch of 2G networks, which used digital signals to support, voice, text and WAP internet services. This technology lead to a reduction of call drops and also supported a longer battery life. Third Generation, or 3G technology made its presence felt in a big way when Japan launched the world’s first official 3G network in October 2001. Using this platform, service providers were able to launch advanced services like video calling, mobile broadband, mobile TV, interactive games and other bandwidth intensive applications. 1

The first mobile devices were mostly like radio-telephones. The techonological advancements in CPU, storage and screen manifacturing, made the mobile devices the new handheld-computers of todays. Incredible features, such as instant internet connection, touch screen and accelerometer sensor, are integrated into all newer handsets. The trend continues and we are hopefully seeing everyday new devices with new powerfull features.

Amidst all this, mobile games have come a long way too. The first ever mobile game 'snake' came pre-loaded on Nokia 6110 models in 1997. It is reported that more than a billion people have played the game and its variants. The launch of camera phones paved the way for major breakthroughs in mobile gaming by improving graphic and storage capabilities. The emergence of J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) a few years later improved the mobile gaming experience drastically. 2

Mobile games have come a long way since then, primarily because of significant advancements in CPU, storage and connection technology. This phenomenon has resulted in the addition of three-dimensional and interactive functionalities to these games. Although mobile games have progressively evolved over the past decade or so, the integration of 3D API (Application Programming Interface) has probably been the biggest contributor the burgeoning popularity of mobile games. The monumental success of 3d mobile games is a case in point. Today, mobile gaming is fast becoming one of the most important drivers of the video game industry. Market researches predicting that the mobile gaming industry will be valued at $11.4 billion market size by 2014. 3

We, at Mobilenter, are enthousiasts of developing most powerfull mobile games on 3D platforms. Our starting poing is to bring console-quality mobile games to mobile gaming community and we continue to work hard to extend the mobile game technology.



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